1. By registering to Nicholls Rewards 2020-21, you accept the Terms & Conditions.
  2. By registering and participating in Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 you accept the receipt of marketing materials from John Nicholls (Trading) Ltd relating to the scheme via email. Participants can opt out at any time via the relevant communications channel.
  3. By joining Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 you agree to receive notifications and updates relating to your registration via email and the Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 website.
  4. You must be aged 18 or over to participate in Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  5. John Nicholls customers must register for Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 to participate.
  6. John Nicholls staff are not permitted to register for Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  7. John Nicholls staff cannot register a customer to Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  8. Registrations for Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 must be made using the Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 website.
  9. Failure to provide requested and required information on registration, unclear, incomprehensible or distorted entries during the registration process and duration of the scheme could lead to a participant being disqualified or entries being void.
  10. Local Authority or Public Sector customers can not register for Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  11. Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 is available to John Nicholls account customers only.

Qualifying Spend

  1. Only goods invoiced from the 1stApril 2020 to 31stMarch 2021 will be considered towards the qualifying spend.
  2. Customer spend will not be back dated and qualifying spend will only be awarded from the customers registration date.
  3. Spend which qualifies for Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 will be recorded and uploaded once per month to the customer’s account and can be viewed via the Nicholls Rewards website.
  4. If named and submitted within the same month cash sales will be considered towards the participants spend at John Nicholls discretion.
  5. Value Added Tax (V.A.T) is not included in any qualifying spend.
  6. At any time, John Nicholls reserves the right to exclude specific products or sale transaction types. Installation charges, including Labour and Waste Disposal are excluded from qualifying spend.
  7. Nicholls Reward 2020-21 only applies to products purchased from John Nicholls by the account holder (the company or individual person that is recognised by Nicholls as the nominated account holder).
  8. Spend cannot be combined from two or more customer accounts, sales will only be considered from individual accounts for qualifying spend.
  9. Account holders (the company or individual person that is recognised by Nicholls as the nominated account holder) can only have a maximum of one Credit and one Loyalty account registered to Nicholls Rewards 20-21. These accounts, if both registered must be kept separate and cannot be combined.
  10. Any credits raised against invoices during the qualifying period will be deducted from qualifying spend. 

Redemption Process

  1. For a participant to redeem a reward their John Nicholls credit account must be fully paid and up-to-date and in line with agreed payment terms throughout the duration of the scheme.
  2. If a participant has any overdue balance, John Nicholls reserves the right to withhold any reward until the overdue balance has been paid.
  3. All redemptions must be processed via the Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 website.
  4. Redemptions can take up to 28 days to complete.

Rewards & Packages

  1. If a credit reward is chosen, which leads to a credit balance on a participants account, this cannot be refunded in cash and must be used for future purchases.
  2. Once you have redeemed on the Nicholls Rewards website (for either a Love2Shop Voucher or a Credit note) and approved for your chosen reward, it is not possible to swap or change for a different reward option.
  3. John Nicholls are unable to split rewards orissue more than one Love2shop card per registered account.
  4. Rewards must be spent by the expiry date on the Love2Shop card issued for Nicholls Rewards. Nicholls are unable to recover any lost funds.
  5. If a participant misplaces or loses their card, John Nicholls accept no liability for lost cards or rewards.
  6. Where a refund or credit results in the participant no longer being eligible for a reward amount that has been redeemed and spent, the amount would be offset against the credit / refund amount.
  7. Rewards earned from Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 must be redeemed by the 30thJune 2021.
  8. Unspent rewards on the participants Love2Shop card after the card expiration date will be automatically be removed, John Nicholls hold no liability for lost rewards.
  9. Once a participant has activated and accepted the Love2Shop card issued by Nicholls Rewards 2020-21, John Nicholls has no ownership of this card or reward.
  10. Where holidays are booked using rewards, these are subject to Terms and Conditions of the operator, which will be provided to the participant at the time of booking. John Nicholls accept no liability.
  11. Where holidays are booked using rewards the participant may have additional costs when travelling during public holidays which will need to be supplemented by the participant.
  12. Where holiday rewards are taken, all packages are subject to availability at the time of confirmation.

General Information

  1. All queries regarding Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 must be directed to Nicholls Rewards using the following contact details, email call 01295 235200.
  2. At any time, during or at the end the of Nicholls Rewards2020-21, John Nicholls reserves the right to amend the details of Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  3. John Nicholls have no connection within Love2Shop who are an independent company.
  4. John Nicholls and Love2Shop accepts no responsibility for any tax liability arising from the participation in Nicholls Rewards 2020-21.
  5. At any point in the duration of Nicholls Rewards 2020-21, John Nicholls reserves the right to vary the Terms and Conditions or cancel Nicholls Rewards 2020-21 at any stage.
  6. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you confirm that you are the business owner or have the authority of the owner to register for Nicholls Rewards, to redeem and claim any rewards.
  7. John Nicholls will need to send certain information to Love2Shop for the purpose of providing a Love2Shop reward, which would include your name and email address.
  8. On redemption of a Love2Shop reward you accept that you will be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Love2Shop
  9. Please visit the Love2shop website to view the third party Love2shop Terms and Conditions at
  10. For full details of John Nicholls Privacy Policy please visit

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